Dear Boniface Igbennehu: Dr of sex for admission, grades


Dear Boniface Igbennehu,

What can I say to you?

You have become the quintessential face of evil in tertiary institutions across Nigeria. Not the only face, but the one who was caught with his hand in the cookie jam. Caught on camera where you mouth diarrhoea and feeling of invincibility had you grassing on all your deplorable partners in crime. Stating times and places where you dastardly acts are committed.

You, a senior lecturer, a father, a husband and a pastor! A shame to your parents household and community. You propositioned someone you believed to be a ‘child’ that you could have birthed! No fear of the retribution justice of the God that you say you worship!

You and your ilk are the reason why Christianity is brought to disrepute! You are the reason why people turn away from church! Most importantly, you and your paedophilic mates are the reason why the African and particularly the Nigerian Girl-child will never feel safe.

You said, “they pay for it (grades) with their bodies”. You treat those words with levity. You break women and make them want to take their own lives but to you, that is all that it is; Payment for doing what you should do -teach. Therefore, if we should go by your argument, you get paid twice for rendering the same service (once by the University and again by every female you abuse).

Shame on you Boniface!
Shame on every one of you in different tertiary institution who abuse women in this way.. I would say may your daughters meet the same fate but that would be perpetuating this circle of abuse to an innocent child or woman who did nothing wrong but want to go to school.

University of Lagos and the Foursquare church have both distanced themselves from you. But that is only the beginning of your comeuppance
You and anyone who has abused a woman for this reason or any other, I will say this much to you all:

May nemesis catch up with all that are like you as it has done to you now!

May you all have no place to hide or run to as you are disgraced in street corners!

May you pay dearly for every woman or girl you have caused to grieve, attempt suicide or actually take their own life because of abuse.

May you be used a scapegoat and a deterrent to others like you.

Your ‘Nemesis’ spotter,
Eme Esop

Ps: Someone reminded me that as a pastor you would lay hands on the unsuspecting congregation you preach to on Sunday. I did a quick ‘tufiakwa’ and began to pray for that congregation!

Based on a BBC Documentary

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