Dear Maths Students: Let’s change the bad narrative!

Dear Maths Student

Dear Maths Students,

Finally, we get to meet!

The journey has not always been smooth, neither has it been very interesting.

In fact, to some of you, it has become the most horrible and worrisome part of schooling, especially at the secondary level.

Parental scolding, rebuke from stone-faced mathematics teachers and sometimes resits have been the most probable outcomes…

And this is the more reason we need a moment like this. No matter how hard it sounds, mathematics ranks high amongst the simplest subjects to ever grace our classrooms but the initial impressions given by people who have gone ahead and encountered challenges, coupled with the presence of mean, stone-faced, grandiloquent and inexplicable mathematics teachers have all the more complicated the situation.

But here we are, with no choice but to right the wrongs and change the narrative. Changing mindsets and building giants in mathematics. This could be every child’s story and that’s where we are heading.

It is not enough to pass the English Language and leave out Mathematics. It is worthless patronizing miracle centres just for a credit in mathematics that cannot be defended.

We can tackle each problem together; from the minutest parts of Arithmetic Operations to the Depth of Bearing and Distances, Longitude and Latitude. And from Differential Calculus to Higher Derivatives.

Ever heard of Entrepre-matics? (entrepreneurial mathematics). Entrepreneurship isn’t limited to starting up a shoes and bags business alone.

Its root is in academics and mathematics is a cogent part of the makeup. Why not fasten your belts and let us enjoy this awesome adventure into the world of mathematical realities. Always remember, “mathematics is fun, just as our lives should be fun too”.

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