She’s seven years old today but her father is unaware. Her mother doesn’t forget a thing. And this is the last thing her dark-skinned mother will forget.

But the first thing Abigail’s mother will remember today is her dream. She saw her husband licking another woman’s feet in the dream. And this is the thirteenth time she is having such a ‘nightmare’.

Mama Abigail doesn’t joke with her dreams. A year ago, Abigail didn’t celebrate her 6th birthday because her mum saw something bad in a dream, on the eve of that day.

“Jesus o, the devil is a liar. They will not come to my daughter. Not after they destroyed my plans and attacked my mother’s destiny. Now they want to come for my only daughter. They have failed!”

What she saw in the dream was never told. But part of the solution to preventing the nightmare was to have no birthday party for Abigail. Abigail was dragged and tied to her back, the first thing that morning, and that’s how they spent her 6th birthday celebration in a white garment church.

As mother started her mini-series on the bed over her dream. All Abigail could think of is her birthday party. “We will shock your daddy tomorrow. Don’t tell him anything. I will invite Antonia, Sheyi, Ada, Bobo, Joe-joe, Temi, Jane, Ade, Nosa, Udeme and the twins over tomorrow and we will cook rice and chicken. Your daddy will buy Coke and Fanta” this was mummy’s plan yesterday evening.

Today Abigail is hoping the plan happens. She doesn’t like the new development. She knows her mum and her dreams. Especially when it is a dream that upsets her mum. From the way, mum and dad are talking on the bed. It seems bad.

Abigail takes a stroll away from her parent’s drama. She walks to their veranda. She went to say a prayer.

“God please help make the rice, chicken, and party happen today…”

She couldn’t finish her prayers because a loud noise called her attention from the room. She is frightened but quickly moved her little feet back to the bedroom.

She sees mum crying. She noticed her face is suddenly swollen. She noticed a mopping stick broken into two halves. And she wonders why the bed is wet. But then she sees the bowl with which her mum had soaked some towels also at one end of the bed. And the towels now on the floor. The room now has some bad stench. It must be the smelling water that now rests on the bed.

Abigail is not sure about what she sees dripping from her mum’s head. Her mum has long hairs and it seemed her long hairs now drips blood. She is unsure about the colourful liquid she sees. But she is sure dad is bleeding.

Her father is now on the floor. Her mother sits over him, holding their local charcoal pressing iron.

Dad is not moving. But mum keeps hitting.

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