Learn To Make Money As A Writer


1. Writing is a job. 

However, one can be a writer and be hungry. There are many writers who find it hard to earn handsomely. 

2. Everyone writes. 

Yes, most people have become part-time writers. They do professional writing for free persistently on social media and other platforms. No, most of them don’t know they can earn writing. 

3. Nobody wants to pay writers well.

Most friends and family members have that one go-to person that helps them with edits, rewrites, and writings. They don’t think he should be paid. And some of such writers want to charge for this service they render but know not how.

4. Writers are the most owed.

Most writers work in companies that persistently owe them. It’s a life of backlogs for them and soon they get accustomed to it. 

5. I have been there.

I schooled to be an accountant. Yet I have been a professional writer, blogger, journalist and scriptwriter since 2009. I have experienced the tough days as well as the boom times. 

And I can show you how to make a career out of writing the cool way. 

Yes, you can learn to write and also learn to make money writing. 


Date: 14 & 15th of September.

Fee : N25K

Venue: Ikeja (Only available to interested persons)

Call: 08160882477, 08155542756

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