Dear MrEazi: I see your Doyin of Doyins


Dear MrEazi, 

I envy you. Your latest work ‘Doyin’ is loved by me. Can I talk about this sweet jam in peace without people telling me to leave Simi alone?

Like it’s my fault you featured Simi. Or can’t they just see how awesome this girl is? ‘This babe fine. This babe dey sing’. 

She sings damn well. And for this ‘Doyin’ song, she was just heavenly in the way she delivered her lines. And damn, those lyrics are the deal.

You sang about Doyin and in her verse, she sings about Tony. She was just being brilliant with the rhyme. Who is the Doyin though? I saw you and Temi Otedola (your Doyin of Doyins) bursting a move to the song on your Instagram.

Temi is beautiful. And both of you make an awesome item, fairy tales, butterflies and romantic unicorns!

This is the second time you are rocking Simi in a video and a song. Forget all the stories in the paragraphs above, this is why I am inking you. So you know I am watching you. 

And just to let you know in Mama Peace voice that diarisgod o! Having a billionaire’s daughter in the upper chambers of your heart and Simi in the lower chambers as you fill your ventricles with awesome tunes is a life to die for.

I want. 

Anyways, the song too sweet, I feel cheated when it ends. It seems too short and that’s because it’s too enjoyable.

Your Dear Doyin spotter,

PS: I know one Doyin though. She was a sweet human. But…

PS2: And, wow…I see some other sweet Doyins on Facebook. (May we not be beaten for loving other people’s Doyin).

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