Our Reasonable Calling: Help me play with Victor again


Our Reasonable Calling,

Guys, we are still alive so we can impact the lives of others. Please show up, if you can help this very brilliant dude survive. 

I once played soccer with him on the soil of Officers Village Ojo Military Cantonment and also on the school pitch in CDSS Ojo.

Hey, I have one dream: to play with him again.

It’s been 20 years I left CDSS Ojo, 2 decades ago. Will I play with him again? Will you help me?

He needs a Liver Transplant. N17, 200, 800 is the cheapest he can get one in India. Help us small and big. Give us cash or contact. But do not read and look away. 

FCMB savings account number is
Name: Victor-Mary Iyere.
Call: 0708 272 0791

Your Kind Heart spotter,

PS: The lady we tried to help the other day. The one with Breast Cancer. She is no more. We lost that battle this past weekend. Sad. 

PS 2: Victor has a letter for us. Read in the comment section. Thanks. 

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