12 Bags of Barca problems


1. If Atletico Bilbao was Man City, then Barca would have conceded about 4-0 in this match. It was a terrible night for the Blaugranas. The only thing good about the match for a Barca fan was watching Frankie De Jong play for Barca.

2. Barca appears to have wasted money again. Now we see why Messi is angry with the board. When Messi wanted the board to get Bernado Silva they went for Coutinho. When he asked for Neymar they went for Griezmann. Another waste of money!!!

3. The only position Griezmann can play is the Messi position. A position Barca have had Rafinha wait all his life. A position that’s not available until 2077. Is this not a problem???

4. Imagine they just listened to Messi; The first time, they would have had Bernado Silva. Now, they would have just paid the entire 222m back for Neymar. Instead, buying Griezmann 120m and adding Dembele + Semendo + Messi’s firstborn + Rakitic + Shakira (Pique’s wife) – you get the joke?

5. The board and the politics they play is destroying Barca’s football. They are getting the entire priority wrong. They have turned Barca into something terrible. And all Barca fans should be worried.

6. They sold Xavi Simons, the young boy everyone agreed had the hair of Puyol, the touch of Iniesta and the passes of Xavi. Then they lost their academy player, Takefusa Kubo, whom the world expects to be the coming Messi, to Real Madrid. With all his potentials. Suddenly La Masia is dead. We no longer hear about the almighty La Masia. And they seem to have lost the Tiki Taka to Man City.

7. Where is Tiki Taka? Gone with the entrance of Ernesto Valverde. Under his management, I doubt Tiki Taka as a philosophy will see glory.

8. Without Neymar this season ends in shit. The same shitty way it starts. They really didn’t have to buy Griezmann. A player who does well with tactical defensive teams (club and nation). Will he click with an attack-minded team like Barca?

9. From the start of the match to end. The Atletico Club and their manager, Garitano, had one quality game plan. Which was all about pressing and frustrating Barca’s play. On top of that, they were hungrier. Garitano screamed all through the 93 mins.

10. Alba needs Neymar to survive. He did not gel with Coutinho and with Griezamann it was a complete disaster. And when Alba is not linking well up-front, then he is exposed and fails in the left-back duties.

11. Barca was beaten by the oldest player in La Liga, Aduriz at 38 years, did a brilliant bicycle kick that gave Atletic the deserved win.

12. Now that Barca has lost it’s day one game for the season. They just fueled PSG’s Cost price for Neymar and it puts them in a bad spot at the bargaining table. This may not be the end of Barca’s fall as they may lose the next match. Since Suarez, Messi and Neymar won’t be playing. The Rakitic they want to sell is still an asset. The Dembele they want to keep doesn’t look like he will ever improve beyond rising and falling. The Semedo that PSG is asking for is the current best Right Back in the world.


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