Of Venita & Co: Unleashing BBN’s official ‘pepper’

Dear News Maker

Of Venita & Co,

Who doesn’t like Omashola? Is there even one soul out there who doesn’t genuinely like that guy? Dude is a package of entertainment. And while we were at it. Big Brother did something that even impresses me.


Let me define — me.

‘Me’ can be defined as that individual who really doesn’t support the morales or thought behind the creation of BBN but is now secretly and stylishly peeping on the show.

‘Me’ is that guy who would rather see the name Olukemi Badenoch trend more today than Venita Akpofure.

And that would have been tagged ‘trending for the right reason’.

Cos UK appointed Olukemi Badenoch as Children and Family Minister.


British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has appointed Olukemi Olufunto Badenoch as the new Minister in charge of Children and Families.

Is this not a better news?

That our own Badenoch would among other responsibilities oversee children’s social care including child protection, children in care, adoption, care leavers, social work, local authority performance, and family law at such level.


The news that trends more is that of a former video vixen and actress (thumbs up to the creatives).

For becoming a new housemate. For the twist of the BBN. For her beauty and her charms.

Here is the story of two Nigerian women. Both UK born of Nigerian parents. Both have two kids each. Both in their 30s.

One studied systems engineering at Sussex University UK and has a law degree with working experience in the banking sector. The other has her beauty and screen grace to show for herself.

One is married, the other divorce.

But it’s okay though. I like both women.

And they represent our different struggles.

Venita deserves the noise.

She gets into the house, and just for one night, she is already the official pepper in the BBN edition’s Pepper Dem slogan.

Omashola adores her.

The guys are on their toes for her.

The ladies are scared of her.

Tacha is dethroned (best news).

I like this ‘yellow’ girl with eyes that comforts the sights and presence that please the mind.

Your Oyinbo spotter,


PS: I just hope this girl won’t make this Omashola cry las’ las’.

PS2: What was that thing they sang about Brown Skin Girls again? Yellow ti takeover o!!!

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