Devastating: How kidnappers killed this 8-year-old girl in Kano

Dear News Maker


News like this makes me question so many things we do as humans.

Why do we still make kids? 


So the sad story is how kidnappers killed this 8-year-old girl in Kano.

It is said that Aisha Sani was kidnapped two weeks ago in Tudunwada quarters of Kano State by unknown lady. 

According to reports, she was abducted at the close of her Islamiyya School by a lady who covered her face with veil. 

The kidnapper and her gang members reached out to Aisha’s parents one week later, demanding N200 million ransom.

Sadly, after two weeks of search and investigations by the police, little Aisha’s corpse was found on Monday. She was hacked to death by her kidnappers.

Her parents have taken custody of her body for burial.

And that is the saddest news this week. This news make an adult like me so damn scared.

I am scared for all the good people that we cannot protect as a nation.

I am sad for the people of the world that are victim of demonic men and women.

The world is terrible. 

This is why we all need to be involved in running the affairs of our lives. We can’t afford to just keep raising kids and not be bothered about their security.

We must not shy away from local and national politics. We must join a political party we trust. Or create one we can trust. We must look for like minds. We must raise a good army. We must build a team of good people.

It’s a job.

The America you see today was fought for. Men fought for the greatness of the nation. Nigeria will only be safe when we all deliberately participate in it’s policing, governing, building and e.t.c

I pray for her soul. 

May the wicked killers perish by fire.

Let’s be watchful. 

God help us.

Your Sad spotter,


PS: This broke my heart.

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