Dear Nigerians: Nigeria is just like a big offshore company for our leaders

Dear News Maker

Dear Nigerians,

I do think we are doomed. I honestly do believe we are cursed, as a nation. However, I must hopelessly have hope for a better Nigeria. 

But when we hope. Why do we hope? What do we hope for? Do we believe things will be resolved overnight by chance? Are we going to wake up one day to discover that we no longer have the power-supply problem?

Do we hope that one day we would get a breaking news that 1$ = 1N? Or do we believe a miracle will happen in our nation that will make us suddenly a better nation?


I need answers.

Provide yourselves answers, it’s the least you can do for yourself. 

As humans we are terrible. We are a bunch of terrible people. I know the Bible generalises that the heart of man is desperately wicked. But the heart of a Nigerian is foolishly wicked.

(Do not patronize yourselves).

What was our plan as a Nation 10years ago? Or 20years ago? What is the Nigerian vision? The Americans want to be the leaders of the world. The Canadians want to be the most freest nation in the world (the safest place to be yourself and beliefs). Germany wants to be the most hospitable nation in the world.

What is our identity or mission statement? 

Clearly we have no leaders. 

The old heads are corrupt and heavily self-centered. The young brains are lazy and dumb. Where is the hope coming from? 

The otherday, our senators refused to pass a bill that will mandate the Almajiris to go to school. 


Because the leaders want it so.

Their taskmasters are their reps in the house of reps. They threw out the bill to the dust bin. Because they have a deliberate agenda to keep the people in perpectual bondage.

Toyosi Akerele noted in a post some few days ago:

“This Photo is representative of everything that’s wrong with Nigeria’s Education.

These are our Public Administrators from Federal to State Government levels with their Children graduating from Foreign Tertiary Institutions. 

President, Vice President. Senate President. Governors. Their Cohort. Complete.

Their Children will soon be returning to Nigeria to get all the Jobs that graduates from our Government-run Tertiary Institutions do not qualify for or will never get access to.

If our Leaders have no faith in our Education System, how will Nigeria’s Education ever be globally competitive in Content and Methodology? 
Who will fix this System?

Can the quality of Education Nigeria currently offers do much for our Economic Development & National Growth?”

Toyose Akerele has asked a vital question.

It seems rhetorical. And that’s why I see no hope. Nigeria is just like a big offshore company for our leaders. They have their schools, hospitals and homes outside Nigeria. 

They are not exposed to the insecurities that abound. That’s why they care not.

The Shittes situation is another example. This terribly mismanaged saga is just another potential national headache. God help us. 

Help us. It is our kids that stay around. Their kids study and stay abroad. The NYSC/Channels guy that was killed by stray bullets from the Shittes attack is a poor/ordinary man’s son. 

How do we escape this big mess? Same reshuffled individuals have been nominated as ministers. And why does the old man wastes so much time if he will eventually submit the same old names?


We miss Obasanjo. In his time things were quite better. And the hope wasn’t this hopeless. If we knew better, we’d have given him that third term he asked for.

We miss Yaradua. A man who emerged President only to agree that the election that brought him to power wasn’t true and fair.

We miss Dora Akuyili. A woman who risked her life for a revolution in the health sector. A woman who did what men were scared to do. A woman who rather than die on her sickbed died still serving Nigeria.

God we need some extraordinary humans. Men and women who are leaders. Who will fix this nation in a way that’s good for them have their kids and future. 

Your National Leaders spotter,


PS: Everyday the nation gives us more reasons to leave the land. Local man is tired. Local man could join the exodus out of Nigeria soon.

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