Dear God: Kunle faints after receiving N42m

Dear News Maker

Dear God,

I pray this day that you do unto me as you have done unto the Otedolas. Just give me enough money to go all the way to Italy just to buy Ice Cream.

Don’t make me pass through Spain. I desire to stop at Paris first to speak with Neymar one on one concerning his village people.

Then I will go to Italy to buy Ice-cream like Mr. Otedola and his Disc Jockey daughter.


Money is good.

God give me good money.

The money that will make me like Ice-cream that much must be good money.

Cause naturally I can not journey from Lagos Mainland to Lagos Island for Ice-cream.


It is unnatural of me to have such cravings for creamy sugar. I could jump two streets for a bottle of cold soda. I can never jump one street for the sake of Ice-cream.

So any situation that gets me to cross the seas for Ice-cream would definitely be unusual.

God bless me unusually.

Give money that’s not normal.

Money that is abnormal.

It is abnormal money that can do it.

This money in my account is too normal. The money lacks provocative tendencies. It doesn’t inspire me to do crazy things.

I pray for crazy money. The kind of money that mistakenly touched Kunle’s account.

Someone credited my friend’s account with N42m.

Kunle saw an alert of 42 million naira and fainted.

He woke up in his boss’ office. He saw people fanning and pouring water on him.

He arose.

Checked his bank balance again.

The boss was speaking to him. Kunle didn’t answer back.

Kunle tested the money and sent 5million to his mother.

He was just busy with his phone and his boss and colleagues thought insanity was creeping in.

He called his mum. No response.

He called again.

This time, his sibling, Tayo, picked the call.

“Brother Kunle, someone sent N5m to mummy. She just fainted!”

Kunle smiled and retorted, ‘she will be okay’.

Kunle looked at his boss’ TV set. He walked away from the boss and other staffers. He approached the TV screen. He removed it from the wall and slammed it on the floor. And screamed — I am fucking rich!

His boss shouted, are you mad?

He looked at his boss, ‘my boy, calm down, I will buy you 3TV sets today’.

The office people just watched in awe!

And just then, a call came through Kunle’s phone.

He picked. And a woman introduced herself as a bank’s branch manager. And narrated how the transaction was a mistake.

Now Kunle fainted for good!


Give me that kind of money.

The kind of money that will make me resume work on Monday morning with boxers and singlet.

I claim that money.

God please while you are sending me that money. Help me touch the hearts of the readers of this story.

So they can follow the link below and go vote for @FamousAllysyn to win the prize attached to this competition.

Oh lord, let them click on the link, like and comment on the picture on Instagram.

This is the link, oh God:…)

Thank you God.

Your Prayerful spotter,


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