Chukwuebuka Anyaduba, Tonye Cole, Joke Silver and others speak at SDG Media Zone Africa

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Chukwuebuka Anyaduba, Tonye Cole, Joke Silver and others speak at SDG Media Zone Africa

By Ediale Kingsley

On 24th of June 2019, TOG teamed up with The Good Fathers Foundation to host the maiden edition of the SDG MEDIA ZONE AFRICA. The event was held at Oriental Hotel Lagos state Nigeria. It had in attendance, advocacy groups, Social Influencers, SDG Advocates, Top Chief Executives, Foundations, to mention but a few. The media zone is the first of its kind in Nigeria and founded by SDG Advocate Chukwuebuka Anyaduba.

The event was aimed at creating awareness, spurring actions and conversations on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) so as to have a practical recommendation on how to promote, create awareness and proffer solutions for scaling and the need for multi-sectorial approach to implementing the SDGs in Africa. Discussing the theme; SDG Implementation in Africa; Impacts & Scaling Success, the event provided a safe space for management with the issues and challenges to the action for the SDG, strengthening the understanding and need for domestication of SDG in Africa, and also reinforces the need for an urgent commitment from the international community in support of the 2030 agenda in Africa. The panelists present at the event were Former Chief Executive of Sahara Group and Former Member Private Sector Advisory Group on SDG, Mr Tonye Cole, Team Lead, The Future Project, Bukonla Adebakin, On air Media Personality, Beat FM and Managing Director Perception Media Mr. Olisa Adibua, Journalist and Founder, IDIA Project Miss Idia Aisen, Founder, The Good Fathers Foundation, Nnaedu Umeohia, Social Research enthusiast, Lecturer and Hybrid Development Strategist at African Development Studies Centre, Mr Tokunbo OlorundanmiImoh Eboh who is an Actress and a member of the World Economic Forum Global Shaper and Founder Adansonia Foundation and Kayode Oluokun

According to the keynote speaker, Mr Tonye Cole, every government establishment should have a clear deliverable policy for SDG so that its implementation can be visible and that as a matter of fact, there should be a ministry of SDG. It ended with a call to action. 

Mr Anyaduba stated that the plan for SDG MEDIA ZONE AFRICA is to take it across different cities in Africa during major events. 

Ediale Kingsley had a brief chat with the host.

What was the event about?

The event was a call to action to media personalities, celebrities, all and sundry to discuss the localization and implementation of SDGs in Africa.

What was it like?

It turned out to be very effective as recommendations were made to the government amongst which was to create a ministry of SDG as well as to engage the locals in its implementation.

What was the need for such event?

The need was that the target for the global goals is 2030 and Africa is lagging behind from the rest of the world as such, there is need to create more awareness and develop stringent implementation and scaling strategies to be able to achieve the sustainable development goals by 2030.

Take us through the event’s program proper.

The event opened with an opening remark from the Founder and Executive producer Chukwuebuka Anyaduba where he highlighted on the reason of such gathering. This followed with a keynote from the former Sahara Group Chairman Mr Tonye Cole where he gave a vivid analysis of the state of Africa and Nigeria on SDG implementation and why there is an urgent need to do something about the bad statistics. We had two panel discussions, pep talks from young SDG advocates and at the end we all took a pledge to help promote the SDGs.

Is there still hope at all that Nigeria can fulfill any of these long terms goals? We had Vision 2020, but that is around the corner and we seem to be shifting base again. Any hope?

Well, sincerely speaking the chances are slim. It was based on this premise that the African Union decided to meet and further extended the goals to 2063 as Africa is not likely to achieve vision 2030. So I don’t think Nigeria will achieve it in its entirety but we need to have at least 70% performance and that’s why we are creating events like this to help drive home the narratives.

You had quite a number of dignitaries. Why the choice of invited persons?

They were all one way or the other involved in advocacy  and sustainability. Joke sylva is an SDG advocate, Tonye Cole was a member of the private sector advisory board on sdg, Imoh Eboh, Idia Aisen and Nnaedu Umeohia have foundations that promote SDGs, Mr Olisa Adibua is a renowned media personality, to mention but a few.

How do we ensure events like this go beyond just the talks?

We plan to follow up through the outcomes and recommendations to actually carry out some of those activities ourselves as well as seek partnerships from both the Government and NGO.

You seem very passionate about the SDG project. What’s the drive about?

The Drive is that based on my foundation as an AISECER right from university days, I have always seen the need to impact on humanity. I understand global issues and I am moved to contribute my own quota towards achieving a sustainable living for the planet.

Tell us more about you? Aside advocating for SDG, what else do you do?

I am a media consultant, I have a Media Consulting Firm, TOG Media Consult owned by me and my partner. I am also a Director at the African Bar Association. I am also a board member of The Goodfathers Foundation. Suffice it to say that I am an actor and film maker too.

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