Dear Kadaria: You in the nation

Dear News Maker

Dear Kadaria,

Good evening ma. Keep the protest up. I hear some persons are joining you soon. Femi Falana is coming there on Wednesday.

I am quite saddened about the killings. But I am more saddened about the way Zamfara voted for Buhari.

However, this isn’t about Zamfara. This is about Nigeria. So we will join in the protest. I will come around too. Coming with my bed.

I can’t be protesting for life and subject my life to death. I just want to ask if you will share my bed space or if I should bring a mat for you.

Nice jeans though. I know, I know, these are trying times. Not a time to joke about the tightness or firmness of things. But I am Ediale. I am Nigerian.

I find away to keep my self amused about a Nation that’s particularly become a laughing stock. The most brilliant comedian from Africa, South Africa’s Trevor (no not Basket mouth, he’s been disappointing lately), just made a joke about rich Nigerians ordering Pizzas from Britain.

He thought that was quite hilariously stupid. ‘Waste of time and money” he said. Cos even if you think you have the money, quite frankly the experts of Pizza are the Italians and Italy is closer to Nigeria.

I can imagine the stupid Nigerians picking or dropping off their ladies in Italy (for soft work) and go all the way to Britian to buy Pizza.

So mama hold on tight. We gat you. We are coming to join you. And this is a lesson. That when it affects one, it affects all. When Oby Ezekwesili was doing her one-woman march. We ignored her.

Well. Let’s forget the past. I want to see every damn leader that leads in Abuja with Kadaria. And the Mumu Don Do team. Isn’t this another opportunity for them to redeem their image?

Or are they truly bought? Media people, lets do this one for the culture. Let’s blast this up our platforms. And yes, social media people we can share this and lend our voices to the struggle.

Not because Zamfara or you (Kadaria) deserves this. But because we are all humans and we are here for humanity. You are pained now because they kidnapped your brother. But shouldn’t we all have been pained together for Leah Sharibu.

A girl in the bush all by herself. Shouldn’t we as a nation be jointly pained for injustice done to any? These sectional protests helps no one. Tuface does his own, Charley Boy does his own, Oby does her own…

Let’s all come the fuck out and ask for our Nation.

Your Tight Jean Spotter,

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